Fritz Schur Energy experience great interest at wind expos

November 2016

This fall Fritz Schur Energy exhibited at two of the world's biggest Wind Expos; WindEnergy Hamburg and China Wind Power.

The wind industry has always been volatile with highs and lows. At Fritz Schur Energy we were overwhelmed with the activity level on our stand, with more visitors than ever, combined with very interesting projects. 

Hydraulics, spare parts and retrofit - we are your partner
Generally, we experience that hydraulic solutions are becoming increasingly popular. Higher reliability, cost and weight reduction is driving users of electrical pitch towards hydraulic. We believe this is why our new hydraulic pitch module generates so much interest.

Both expos were the launches of our Oil Conditioning Unit for retrofit in respectively the Eastern and European markets. The OCU optimizes turbine output through cool and clean hydraulic oil - and that is good business. Our test partner Mike Goldsworthy, CTO of Meridian Energy, has found that the ROI on this installation is only around 3 months.

Health and safety is also on our minds 
Therefore, we have developed the Nitrogen Booster unit to eliminate the hazard of having nitrogen bottles in the nacelle. Furthermore, the system will save you time and gas.

We look forward to see you at next year's expos. 

Ny formand for Vindmølleindustrien

Marts 2015

I forlængelse af Vindmølleindustriens generalforsamling 9. marts 2015, har Vindmølleindustriens bestyrelse konstitueret sig med Mads-Ole Astrupgaard som ny formand. 

Fra tosset opfinder til kommerciel udbyder

Februar 2015 - Energy Supply

En aktie-emission skal sikre Floating Power Plant den fornødne ro til at få lukket et af tre projekter og bringe virksomheden et skridt nærmere en kommercialisering af sit vind- og bølgeanlæg. 

Demo baner vej for godt 30 anlæg

Februar 2015 - Metal Supply

Danske Floating Power Plant har fået foden inden for på et vindmølleprojekt udbudt af den belgiske regering. Et projekt, der også er udbudt og vundet med 20 MW bølgekraft. 

Fritz Schur Energy opens its doors to a global business delegation

On 14 April 2012 Fritz Schur Energy welcomed a global business at its facilities in Glostrup in Copenhagen.

The visit was part of Mindblowing Denmark – a wind power outreach program organized by The Danish Wind Industry Association and a broad range of partners, in relation to EWEA 2012 – Annual Event held in Copenhagen.

Mindblowing Denmark was a unique way to experience the Danish supply chain first hand. Thus, the participants, a global business delegation comprising of 13 nationalities and 63 companies, was offered a 4-day tour around Denmark with a series of Danish company visits. The purpose of the visits was to learn more about why Denmark throughout the last 30 years has been world leader within wind power.

On Saturday, April 14, Fritz Schur Energy opened its doors to the entire delegation. After a short introduction by CEO Mads-Ole Astrupgaard, Sales Manager Søren Rønnow-Poulsen and Supply Chain Director Anders Walbom, the delegation was taken on a guided tour through the production
site, which was fully staffed for the occasion as all employees had agreed to come to work on a Saturday, in order to give the visitors a thorough insight into Fritz Schur Energy’s production set-up. This dedication shown by the employees, we believe, is also reflected in the quality of the products.

The visit was rounded off with lunch and finally a group photo with all guests and employees.